Letter: Mayor doing right thing for metro

“Trollip confident of beating vote of no confidence” (November 24): to me the mayor is doing the right thing because the public should know the truth, and who the people are who are spreading rumours or information that is true or false in an effort to help or harm a person.

The public is interested in service delivery and public relations.

Also as recipients, we have legitimate rights to be treated with dignity, and that public officials should conduct their responsibility in terms of acceptable principles.

I want to remind those who attended the meeting [at which the no-confidence motion in Trollip was tabled] that politics is based in disagreement.

Order is required, if politics is not to disappear into chaos, that could lead to civil war.

In the article in The Herald of November 24, the mayor also made an encouraging statement that people who wanted to work for or with this government were welcome to come and work with this government.

I’ve been waiting for years for such a statement.

If recruitment is to start, I’ll be the first to jump on board.

Some people have been asking me why I can’t work or get a job in local government. Now I am very keen to do that. Good luck mayor.

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