Letter: Public must save, but water flows from leak

The municipal notice board in Linton Grange indicates that Port Elizabeth has 29.7% of its water supply left. This is a vast amount of water. It is more than I could possibly drink. It is even more than 10 people could drink.

But that is no reason not to conserve water.

If no rain falls in the next decade we could run out of water.

It is for this reason that I make the following plea.

The attached photo shows a mini-river running down Fourie Street in Westering. It has been running for a month or more.

I know, because I have to cross it regularly on foot and nearly got swept away three times.

I reported it to our municipal service centre, which was very obliging, informing me that I was the third person to do so.

The officials even gave me a reference number to prove how seriously they viewed the matter.

They took the issue so seriously that I reported the incessant leak again, a week later, with the same no-result.

So I reported it to the Ward 9 DA office in writing.

It subsequently informed me that the leak was fixed.

Except that I nearly drowned in the river a few days later.

So I reported it to the office again, telling them that their information was incorrect.

Their response was that there were in fact two leaks adjacent to one another and that one had been fixed, but the not the other.

So, having had a good laugh at the plumber who would fix one leak, but not the other, I told the Ward 9 DA office that if this river was not attended to inside 48 hours I would photograph the matter and send it to the press. That was a week ago, so here it is. I studied mathematics only to third-year level at university so I’m not so good at sums, but by observing the flow rate of this torrent I estimate that we have lost millions of litres of water thus far.

But the public must “save every drop”.

Perhaps, Athol Trollip, you would now personally give it a shot.

Yes, 29.7% is enough to keep us going for at least a fortnight (maybe even three weeks), but that’s no reason to waste water like this.

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