LETTER: Another road needed to ease traffic

Pat Kondile (“Drivers don’t have licences”, October 11) is spot-on regarding the infuriating and dangerous M17 to and from Motherwell.

Next year will be the 20th anniversary of the school transport accident which claimed the lives of Motherwell pupils at the N2 near Bluewater Bay.

The majority were attending Woolhope Secondary School.

As Woolhope’s 1996 deputy head boy, I advocated the construction of a road network connecting KwaMagxaki’s Ralo Street, at the start of the initiation school area (ebaKhwetheni), to Motherwell’s NU 9 and 10.

That idea was rejected by the city engineer in 1999 and I was given a letterof-response accompanying a map that showed phase one of the municipal road network to Motherwell, which is the now New Mission Road in KwaDwesi and KwaDwesi Extension.

Phase two supposedly would start where the Algoa Bus depot is now situated, meaning that phase two is dead in the water.

At a later stage after 2009, I suggested a road network to the municipality that would link Chelsea Road in Perseverance with Motherwell for the alleviation of traffic flow on the M17.

After the passing away of my sister, Thozama Marlene Kama, in March 2009, an idea came to me that a bridge over the Swartkops River should be in memory of something or someone.

Hence I came up with the name Woolhope Memorial Bridge, dedicated to the mostly Woolhope Secondary School pupils from Motherwell.

Luyanda Marlon Kama, KwaDwesi , Port Elizabeth

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