Letter: Questions remain after conference

What happened in East London during the ANC eighth provincial conference leaves so many questions unanswered:

  • Will the ANC remain intact beyond December this year?
  • Have ANC national politics played a big role in deciding about the ANC provincial posture?
  • Will the ANC win the 2019 elections while besieged by factionalism?
  • Is there a possibility for unity in the ANC?

Kevin Foster questions whether there was a need for such riotous behaviour among ANC comrades (“Ashamed of riotous behaviour”, October 4).

My answer is no, there was no need for comrades to be beaten with chairs. I was there as a delegate. We wanted due processes of conference to be followed as it had been proven that there were bogus delegates.

We wanted credentials to be corrected, clarified openly and amended at plenary before adoption.

Any elective conference is dependent on proper credentials for its credibility and reliability. However, “train delegates” didn’t want to listen and chose violence.

We, as ANC delegates, should have felt secured in a conference room with our own comrades.

Instead, the ANC “train” faction attacked us with chairs simply for our demand for proper credentials before the conference could proceed.

I’m really ashamed of my beloved liberation movement, the ANC.

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