Letter: Imperative to save water in metro

It is common knowledge that we face one of the deadliest and fiercest droughts in South Africa.

We have experienced crops failing, plants and animals dying in their thousands.

This has resulted in the hiking of food prices, day by day.

Due to dying crops, many agricultural commodities have to be imported at a high price and sold accordingly, making the poorest of the poor not able to afford to buy food.

It has been proven that the higher the poverty, the higher the crime, unfortunately.

To all average, thinking individuals and authorities, it is essential that each and every drop of water is saved.

In the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, dams levels are running low, very fast, due to the scarcity of the rain. Hence we are encouraged to save water and where there are water leakages, these should be reported immediately and the municipality has availed a structure where these should be reported to.

In the townships of Nobuhle and Kabah where we live, due to leakages and gushing of water, it is common to see streets full of water.

In some streets, one cannot go through the street, one has to turn back because of much water that forms a pool looking like a dam.

Although the municipality has asked us to report these water leakages, which we do, most of the time nothing is done.

One phones this number, 0800-205-050, so often that one dreams about it.

The agents in the reporting call centre just take your comment, very politely I must say, but after that nothing is done.

The reference number that one gets means nothing, for as often as one phones the number, one is told that the incident has already been reported.

I do not exaggerate – millions of litres of water gushing from broken pipes are not attended to for weeks.

This becomes very painful to us who are paying a fortune for this wasted water.

I do not know what happened to the strategy that was shouted about some months ago by the municipality of training enough plumbers who would take care of this wasted water. Please Mr Mayor, this is scary. No nation could afford to waste water. Water is everything to humankind. Without water, we cannot have our furniture at our homes, no factories of any type can function without water.

The clothes that we wear are made using water, otherwise we will go naked.

We wouldn’t have houses without water, the cement for building our houses should be mixed with water.

The computers and the technology that we cannot live without nowadays in the 21st century wouldn’t exist without water. Almost everything we humans have is made, somehow, by using water.

Nothing, nothing on earth can exist without water. Let alone the food that we eat and the water we drink to quench thirst. Water is indispensable.

Why do we waste this water, as nobody on earth could create water, only God can create water through the dropping of rain into dams, seas and reservoirs? No price, no matter how high, should be spared by any government to save water.

I beg our mayor to heed this emergency plea and act before it is too late. We love our country and we love our city. We value our life.

I hope that action will be taken, very urgently.

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