Letter: Coalition in metro needs time to bring in changes

So we have had a new council ruled by a coalition for some months now and folk are wondering what difference it has made!

Would it not be wise to reflect for a while on what has taken place over these last long years, to bring our country to what it is today?

At the outset, let us remember that politics are dirty!

We now have councillors in place who want to make a difference.

For those of us who think it will happen overnight, that is asking too much, even of the coalition! It is going to take time. I feel for those folk who have lived on promises and promises for more time than they want to remember, and who live in fearful conditions in the townships, but dear people, now it will happen.

All those things that you have been waiting for, for so long, are in the process of happening.

I know there is concern about our mayor and deputy mayor not seeing eye to eye, but instead of being negative and finding fault, how about all of us praying for them, for wisdom and guidance that they may make correct decisions?

Service deliveries are taking forever, but remember that so often different decisions to work on a special project are blocked and fought against by some councillors, because of red herrings that are thrown into the pot.

These then take the councillors away from the work at hand and they have to spend time trying to sort out the truth of what has been said.

When folk are working for the good of the whole, there will always be opposition by those who don’t want to see it happen, because of party politics.

So then, should we who live in Port Elizabeth and those in the surrounding areas not be thankful that there is a glorious opportunity now to put things right and be positive? As we believe, so it will be. An opportunity has been given us to make a difference, let us then be loyal citizens, and share more in the light of hope, love and peace, than always to speak words of discouragement.

Let us then, with thousands of people, continue to pray for our mayor, deputy mayor and councillors, and the opposition!

Let us remember that councillors are receiving death threats all the time because they are standing for that which is right and good. They need our support and our prayers.

Let us all make a difference where Father God has placed us and let us go forward, with courage and faith, forgetting and forgiving the past, and looking with new hope and even joy to a glorious future.

That is where everyone will be given a place in the sun and be allowed, as they say in the adverts, an opportunity to live their best life!

May Father God continue to bless us all.

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