Letter: Those who pay get cut off

On Sunday May 21 we were without electricity all day.

We tried phoning the given number and got a machine telling us to leave our name and number. Eventually we were called and told the municipality had cut the power due to illegal connections.

We, who pay our electricity, rent and rates, were cut because of illegal connections. Something is wrong here! The situation regarding illegal connections has existed for many months. There are wires blatantly laid over the road or on the tar.

Now on a Sunday we with legal connections are cut. Could our mayor explain? To add insult to injury, when, in the morning, I asked when the power would be switched on, I was told it might be the next day. “Phone tomorrow.”

Could the municipality not have asked Algoa FM at least to announce there would be no power until the next day, or whenever?

This is the famous DA excellent service? Seems about par for ANC service.

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