Editorial: Import of e-mail leaks profound

The ANC’s December national conference seems light years away now, when, in fact, it is around the corner.

But getting there is bound to be torturous for South Africa. We have a president whose shadow-state edifice is disintegrating at such an alarming rate he surely holds only a nominal grip on the country.

Even this he will fight for because Jacob Zuma has no options available, unless you count Dubai.

At times this whole suppurating saga has assumed Kafkaesque proportions.

Many in Zuma’s pocket may look at themselves and wonder why they see Gregor Samsa in the mirror.

No doubt many of these were once good people.

Today their metamorphosis is complete.

There is no going back for them, no way of removing that heavy outer shell.

The signs are that the end is approaching fast, maybe quicker than we anticipated.

The ongoing e-mail leaks have certainly given momentum to this trajectory.

Their publication has been a gift to this democracy and it is true that only years down the line will we come to understand their true worth to this country.

For now the details drip salaciously and make for cracking headlines.

Their import, however, is profound.

And rebuttals, so far, have been soft.

Presumably to contest them on the grounds of authenticity is wasted effort.

So overwhelming in scope is this electronic stash, don’t underestimate the effect it has had on the decision to again remove Brian Molefe as Eskom chief executive.

The inter-ministerial committee, like the ad hoc committee before it which dealt with Hlaudi Motsoeneng, has done the right thing.

That it has the utility’s board in its sights is even better news.

So take note of the ANC’s policy conference later this month.

It assumes greater importance because, who knows, it may well mark Zuma’s final stand.

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