Letter: It’s Zuma we want to get rid of

Poor ANC leadership

Gwede Mantashe, you are wrong.

It is not about unseating the ANC – it is about getting rid of President Jacob Zuma.

I, for one, would be happy to see the ANC run this country “until Jesus comes”, to quote the president.

I cannot see any other combination of political parties governing this country.

It would be impossible to put together a coalition of parties who would work together to govern at national level.

It is hard enough to do that at local government level, difficult at provincial level and impossible at national level.

But the ANC that I want to run this country is an ANC that I can respect – an ANC like the one that took over the government in 1994.

I cannot respect or trust an ANC led by Zuma and his mafia gang.

I cannot respect a president who can stand by and watch R250-million of public money being spent on his private house and say he did not ask for it, and I can not respect an ANC that stands by, watches and supports R250-million being spent on its president mostly for his private benefit.

I cannot respect a president who authorises the use of a national key point, a military airport without immigration or customs control, to be used by his business friends to ferry in a planeload of foreign wedding guests.

One could go on and on – the list is endless.

The debacle of our present presidential leadership is sapping the country not only of money, but of law-court time, morale and the energies of our judges, and bogging down the whole legal system with departments fighting each other with endless appeals.

It seems half our senior officials are on suspension, most of our state departments and state-owned enterprises have acting heads with fired and suspended heads fighting for their jobs back.

And the ANC leadership does nothing about it.

As a student of the subject of public administration I am appalled at the way the whole world standard system of public administration has been abandoned, so that the South African public administration system has been abolished and replaced by a system of cadre deployment regardless of merit, knowledge or experience.

The career-path system has been abolished and so there is no loyalty or incentive left, other than the incentive to make as much money as quickly as possible by any means. No, Mr Mantashe, you are wrong. The ANC fish has rotted from the head.

The ANC chose its own head, in this case very unwisely, but we all make mistakes and can be forgiven.

The mess the ANC is in now is of its own making and the cause is the gutlessness of the leadership to do anything about it.

ANC supporters, who are the majority in the country, and the rest of us, are sickened by the gutlessness of the ANC leadership.

Do something about it, preferably “before Jesus comes”.

And that means staying in power by getting rid of the cancer that is rapidly destroying you.

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