Letter: Buchan has huge influence on Christians

I have noted with increasing concern several letters in your paper (The Herald/ Weekend Post) which have taken a knock at the ministry of Angus Buchan and my response would be supported by most of the Christian leaders of this city.

Like it or not, Angus has a huge influence among the country’s Christian community and that is because he is a godly man with a simple but courageous faith who preaches an uncompromising message which resonates with the ordinary person.

He is not ashamed to challenge each member of the family to fulfill their God-given roles within the family.

He calls all believers to live righteous, God-honouring lives and boldly challenges local and national leaders to act with transparency and integrity.

I therefore think rather than attacking his ministry as a money-making gimmick, we should be rejoicing in the fact that in response to his motivation a million people gathered to pray for our nation in the midst of our current crisis.

He is certainly not in it for the money, nor could he ever be compared to a “tele-evangelist”.

I understand there was no charge for attendance at the recent prayer meeting near Bloemfontein, although understandably the costs were huge in organising such a massive event.

Of course a voluntary offering would have been taken up to offset those costs.

Rather than criticise a very influential ministry, may I suggest his detractors rejoice in a movement that God is obviously blessing and will have long-lasting, positive effects on the life of our nation.

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