Letter: Are cattle worth more than lives of our farmers?

First of all, I don’t condone the way these cattle were shot, but remember there are two sides to a penny.

Let the court decide what the verdict is and take it from there – not toyi-toyi, damage and burn private and state property.

This is the same as what is happening in Coligny, where houses, businesses etc are being plundered, destroyed and burnt to the ground.

This is not what a democracy is about, or are these individuals who are allegedly being bused in to the area to cause mayhem and destruction doing so in the so-called name of justice? Yes, sadly and tragically a young teenage boy died. Here again, let the court decide and find what the true story is.

These two tragedies are receiving front-page coverage, electronic and extensive social media coverage. What is happening here is pure and blatant hooliganism and thuggery.

My main concern here is that farmers, their families and staff are being murdered – I would go so far as saying slaughtered and hacked to pieces.

I have photographic evidence of farmers who have been shot several times, a young farmer’s wife whose arms and legs were tied to a four-poster bed and a large crucifix that was hanging above her bed was smashed down her throat, and she was left to die an agonising death. There is a farmer who was shot and skinned and left to die. The young children were not spared and were butchered as well.

My point is that these atrocities are not given front-page coverage or social coverage or even electronic coverage. It is usually given third-rate coverage – as though these cattle are more of a loss than these brave farmers who do a sterling job of making sure we all, black and white, have food on our tables.

I would go so far as saying our farmers have a more dangerous job than the police force. I salute our farmers, black and white.

I am appealing to all news media, electronic, print and social, please give these farm murders the wide coverage they deserve. These farm murders – there are hundreds of them – can be found on the internet under “Farm murders in South Africa”.

One thought on “Letter: Are cattle worth more than lives of our farmers?

  • May 11, 2017 at 3:47 pm

    I like what you are bringing here my friend and its the truth and the whole truth but there is a but here and there. Firstly, I agree on the senseless and ruthless murders of farmers getting attention they deserve but, as you said, the other side of the penny is that other hooligans/animals would want to mimic that so that they make a name for themselves among their friends hence the issue is a bit sensitive but in principle I agree with the content being censored of course (the pictures you painted here give me creeps already). Secondly, on the issue of the cattle (I’m an environmentalist keep in mind), a senseless thing to do would’ve been to hold the cattle and report the matter to the authorities so that the owner compensates the farmer for the damages caused to his property as opposed to senselessly kill livestock when there’s an extremely amicable solution in the bag (other than playing Clint Eastwood with livestock). Thirdly, the Coligny issue, you must understand here that murder is murder and we should never condone it. I don’t care whether you are pink, orange, brown or red its just inhumane and its worse when you murder a human being and throw them loosely (in the township nog) in public as if you are calling for war (which is really how gangsters start their buffoonery). Lastly, ‘I would go so far as saying our farmers have a more dangerous job than the police force’, no man you really should consider what you wrote here carefully because you know and I know that its exaggeration and you could have used another analogy and I would go as far as to say withdraw this statement because our brothers and sisters in blue are senselessly dying like flies out there because they are protecting everyone including the farmers. In essence you provided some very crucial information here and lost sight that you mentioned that there are two sides of the coin and I can only correlate that to emotions. Thanks for the info man and I’m sorry that you had to see the gruesome and barbaric nature of humans in the pictures you have in your possession.


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