Letter: African leaders don’t trust own health systems

The curse of being an African president seems to be looming, with an intriguing turn of events. This time, its possible victims seem to be Nigerian President Mahamadou Buhari, who was flown to Britain to be hospitalised, and now Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe similarly off to Singapore for medical treatment.

Prior to this was Ethiopian President Meles Zenawi, not long after Ghana’s John Attah Mills.

But there still remains a big question mark over this trend of African heads of state defaming their own health systems for personal gain.

This is not the first time Africans have learned of their heads of state being treated, or dying, in a foreign hospital.

The question really is: why do African leaders prefer to go to hospitals abroad for treatment? Seemingly, they don’t leave themselves at the mercy of their own health systems, unlike the masses of their own people.

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