Letter: What’s plan if we run out of water?

I got an e-mail from the DA coalition stating all the repairs it wants to do in the metro.

It seems as if nothing is really being done about the ongoing water crisis we are experiencing here in Port Elizabeth.

No new dams have been built and the population of Port Elizabeth has doubled.

The DA coalition shouldn’t waste taxpayers’ money on more traffic circles which everyone hates.

It should seriously do something now about the water shortage or it might just find itself voted out in the next elections.

Water is the most precious resource we have and we are running out of it fast.

The DA coalition needs to find a long-term solution for this ongoing problem Port Elizabeth has.

People who have pools and gardens need water.

We have already lost money due to mismanagement of our water supply.

Who will replace our gardens and pools when the drought is over?

What will the DA coalition’s plan be should it not rain and we run out of water? What then, Mr Trollip?

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