Letter: Power no longer lies with ANC members

People, especially ANC members, should at least by now know that the party was ruthlessly and brutally murdered by the Polokwane mob in its 2007 conference.

Respect for the rule of law, political sobriety and moral integrity were smashed in the same process.

Political gangsterism with a populist flavour immediately kicked in as the order of the day.

This is in response to what is dominating our local headlines since Andile Lungisa was elected the new chairperson of the Nelson Mandela Bay region, defying Gwede Mantashe’s caution for him not to contest as he would be breaking the party rules.

Which rules did he break if there are still any rules governing the party? How many times have the rules been broken by some senior party members and nothing happened?

The highest court in the land, the Constitutional Court, rules that the deployee of the party to the highest office broke his oath of office and the constitution (supreme law of the land).

What did the party do to reprimand this party cadre?

“We fully support our president, he must continue with the good work he is doing for both the party and the country.” This was a response of ANC to the gross misconduct of its number one deployee.

This and many other own goals scored by President Jacob Zuma compelled many people to conclude that there is no ANC left to talk of and the man is a law unto himself. The party is his personal fiefdom. I can bet my last penny that Lungisa will remain the regional chair of the party as long as Zuma wants, irrespective of him having “broken” the laws of the party. No amount of empty threats by the secretary-general will change the status quo.

It is just a question of time before the naive branches of the party realise that the power doesn’t lie with them any more. The power of the party resides in Saxonwold and Dubai.

Capturing of the party has reached unprecedented levels. It will never be the same party of Oliver Tambo and Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

The sooner that reality sinks in the minds of the masses the better.

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