Letter: Hypocrisy in criticism of Zille

The sharp reaction to Helen Zille’s tweet makes me realise that we are losing our freedom of speech in this country.

Now we are not even allowed to use the “C” word.

In all probability, Zille was just being naughty and wanted to humour her followers, but it turned out that Mmusi Maimane and people belonging to the group who wanted to remove the “C” from science were, like Queen Victoria, not amused.

Maimane is having a cheap shot at Zille to buy votes for the DA, but the electorate will not be impressed if he is not able to improve conditions, especially for the poor, before the next elections.

History and fact cannot be changed, and he should rather keep his eye on the ball and not be distracted by sideshows or the DA will lose the support it received in the municipal elections. No propaganda, only hard work required. Many people all over the world have suffered under the English, but people have moved on as they realise it is now a part of history.

These countries even get together for a celebration called the Commonwealth Games.

South Africa budgeted R8.1-billion for the privilege of hosting it in 2022 and R118-million of taxpayers’ money was spent until we decided to withdraw our bid.

No political party ever objected to the Commonwealth Games, so will the hypocrites please stand up?

Censored, Port Elizabeth

THE utterances by Helen Zille were absolutely unjustifiable.

She is a well-respected and intelligent leader, and I think drastic action should be taken against her.

What worries me is there are young minds who are looking up to her as their role model and to hear a statement like that from her leaves much to be desired.

Colonialism has robbed us of our identity, our land and wealth.

Till today black people are treated as equal to animals because of it.

Colonialism only brought negative things to us to destroy our nation: diseases and the Bible that scared us about the horrible stories of hell.

I am so deeply hurt by the statement from a leader of her calibre.

It is going to take generations to recover from the damage it caused to the mindset of our people.

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