Letter: Role models’ success motivates our pupils

It was heart-warming to read about the kind donation made by Lincoln Mali to Newell High School, his alma mater (“Kind donation puts Newell back on course”, March 9).

I am observing with pride and encouragement the efforts that are made by the sons of Port Elizabeth, who after being successful in their careers and some in their thriving businesses do not forget to spare something for their former schools.

By doing so they not only assist to preserve the good legacies of those schools, but they also help tremendously to alleviate the multifaceted plight that is faced by education today.

First, there are real material needs that are faced by schools in the townships due to lack of resources and finances.

These donations by people such as Mali and many others are most welcome in that respect.

Second and most important to me, the emergence of these real role models is a good motivator to our youth.

While they are pursuing academic work, at the same time they need to develop as good-natured, solid citizens, whose aim must always be for the greater good of society at the end of the day.

Such values they can only learn from role models such as Mali and many others of his ilk.

I salute all of our Port Elizabeth expatriates who come back time and again and plough back, especially in the education space.

I also must not forget efforts from local sons and daughters who also make telling contributions to schools such as Cowan High and others.

Keep up the good work. Well done Lincoln !

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