Letter: No need for a payout to MBDA boss

This was the week that was:

Golden handshake for MBDA boss

In Rochelle de Kock’s article on February 17 she reported that ex-MBDA boss Pierre Voges’s contract had been extended for five years twice and then he was put on a month-bymonth contract basis (“Hush-hush R1m golden handshake for Voges”). All quite normal and legal. Why then should there be a golden handshake payment (reported to be R1-million) made?

His contract was not terminated before its due date.

He can’t be disappointed with his new appointment as a consultant back at the agency, MBDA, probably at double his previous salary!

Hardly in line with the finance and budget portfolio directive to reduce the use of consultants.

Bingo halls

Why on earth would the Eastern Cape Gambling Board want to authorise 15 bingo halls in the Eastern Cape?

But this is what it did in 2013 and in 2014 when it called for interested parties to respond!

We now have 14 (two in the metro) and the 15th one will be in Uitenhage (“Stakes high in rights row”, February 17).

All this putting in jeopardy a R1-billion investment by Sun International as agreed in 2010 when the casino licence was renewed for 15 years provided no other operators were licensed in the casino catchment area.

More work for lawyers!

What JZ means

After the Sona circus (that was not funny) and the debate, JZ tried to calm the waters and tell us what his (probably not his?) radical (revolutionary) economic transformation really means. It looks as if the ANC government intends to “blacktise” the ownership and management of all companies and state-owned enterprises that might benefit from the government’s procurement contracts.

Providing these transformed entities are efficient, cost-effective and produce the goods on time within budget and to the required quality, no problem!

But the country cannot afford to pay over the odds or wait forever.

Banks colluding

The rand has long been the most volatile and unpredictable currency traded internationally. Perhaps we now know why.

One thought on “Letter: No need for a payout to MBDA boss

  • February 27, 2017 at 12:11 pm

    well said on several counts. what can you expect from the circus when the chief clown cannot even speak properly and has already run the country into the ground, maybe the banks thought that with all these clowns running the Country they would pass under the radar (HA HA) at the end of the day it is the people of S.A. who suffer financially.


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