Letter: Dogs the real victims in this case

I was shocked to read of this recent incident (“Savaged by dogs”, February 20), yet another in a spate of similar attacks. But I was equally appalled to read in yesterday’s paper that the dogs involved had already been euthanased, dare I say executed (“Attack dogs put down”)?

Obviously the readers are not privy to all the facts, but surely this is a knee-jerk reaction.

Has a thorough investigation been done as to why dogs, who have apparently never been vicious towards anyone, suddenly savaged someone in this manner?

I read reports that men were attempting to break in to the property, although no charges have been laid.

This begs the question: surely the dogs could only get at the men when they made their uninvited entrance to the property? In which case, to my mind, the dogs were only doing their job!

The owner probably feels embarrassed and that may be why no charge has been laid.

One is always sorry for people who get hurt, but my gut-feeling here is that the dogs were the real victims.

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