Letter: Make rapists serve the full extent of sentences

The other night I caught a programme on TV regarding rape.

One of the comments made caught my attention, “Rape is indicative of the apartheid regime”.

What else is apartheid going to be blamed for?

Did rape start with the apartheid regime? I think not.

Rape is a disgraceful behaviour practised since the year dot, so how did apartheid get involved in this?

Apartheid cannot be blamed for all the wrongs in the world or in this country specifically.

Rape is now so prevalent that we either read about it or hear about it daily.

It seems to be the favoured sport these days.

Rape is a tool of a coward and the power-hungry (people who feel inadequate) so they must prove how powerful they are by raping.

These people usually rape those who are weaker than them, many of these are helpless children.

It is bad enough to rape a woman, but to rape a helpless child is lower than low.

People who rape are sick, sick, sick.

They need to be severely punished for this despicable act.

No rape sentence should run concurrently, they should be separate.

If a rapist gets more than one sentence, like the man who got multiples life sentences recently for more than 800 cases of rape and pornography, they should all be served.

Many “life” sentences mean nothing if they run concurrently and the rapist can get parole in 25 years.

No rapist should be allowed back into society, as the chances are good that it will happen again.

Look at the “alleged” rapists that have been given bail and then been arrested again for rape.

This has happened with men released from jail after serving time for rape and not too long after release they do it again.

Rape is not taken seriously enough in this country and the sentences are too lenient.

To me a rapist is a murderer, as I feel that the soul of the person who has been raped dies and the survivor is not the same person he or she was before it happened.

People need to stop blaming apartheid for all their woes.

Apartheid was wrong, but we need to get past it all so that the baggage can be put to rest and we can all move on to a brighter future.

The wounds will never heal as long as they are continually scratched open.

This, however, also does not mean that the reverse apartheid that is now being practised is right either, because it is not.

Two wrongs do not make a right, and payback wreaks havoc and becomes a vicious circle.

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