Letter: ‘Fake reporting’ on MBDA

On Thursday night I was lucky to listen to Donald Trump’s interview with the press. Most of the discussion revolved around “fake reporting”.

On Friday morning I read The Herald headline article around the severance of the employment of Dr Pierre Voges (“Hush-hush R1m golden handshake for Voges”).

If ever there is an example of “fake news/reporting”, this is one.

Why do your reporters stoop to this level when they do not have the facts and they hide behind undisclosed inside information?

Have they never considered that a settlement agreement between two parties may be confidential?

We are fully aware of the mayor’s statement around ridiculous settlements and this is certainly not the case involving this agreement.

Both your facts around so-called inside information are false.

Voges did not receive the settlement amount you allude to and is not being paid the consultancy fee you state.

Please listen to the Trump interview.

-Adrian Gardiner, MBDA board member


The MBDA is a public entity, funded by the taxpayer, and therefore its affairs and the management of its finances are in the public interest.

The MBDA board, the municipality and Pierre Voges were all given an opportunity to explain the details and circumstances of Voges’s settlement. They refused to account publicly in this regard.

The writer, given his presence on the board, is welcome to provide the facts in the interests of transparency and accuracy. The Herald stands by the story. – The editor

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