Letter: Bridge paint job not up to scratch

RAINBOW SHADES: In the inset, councillor Rano Kayser and mayor Athol Trollip cut the ribbon to open the renovated Swar tkops ro a d bridge P i c t u re s : FREDLIN ADRIAAN
RAINBOW SHADES:The renovated
Swartkops road bridge Picture: Fredlin Adriaan 

As a taxpayer of Port Elizabeth, I would like to express my concern over the Swartkops steel road bridge.

Last week I visited this newly “refurbished bridge”, which has been celebrated with fanfare, and was shocked when I saw the poor workmanship.

Not only is it starting to rust (after only two months), but everything on the bridge has not been painted.

The bottom of the railings, overhead beams, inside the columns, etc are not painted.

The areas that are painted seem to have only got one coat of paint.

I’m no paint expert, but surely this cannot be sufficient for it to be efficient corrosion protection?

I do know that if steel is not primed and painted, it will rust again.

What then? Would we have to fork out another R4.5-million?

Serious questions should be asked.

Have the contractors been paid for an incomplete job?

Who did the quality control, who signed it off?

A person needs to wonder: is the DA any better than the ANC?

Is this the shoddy work that we can expect of the DA?

Did we get value for our tax money?

No wonder the bridge opened “on time” – it’s not finished yet.

It may be worth our while if The Herald can investigate and report on this matter.

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