Letter: Water lost to leaks not residents’ fault

I see that we are to have even more punitive water restrictions. What a surprise. I don’t know whether I am the only person who is confused as to why I should pay more when I have absolutely no power over water losses and how paying such an excessive increase will enable me to use less than my present 8kl a month.

Daily I drive around Port Elizabeth, only to see water bubbling through the roads and not a worker in sight. Is this my fault, I ask? No, it is not!

Also I am completely in the dark as to what our water allowance is and how it is stepped. Mayor Athol Trollip says, “The poorest of the poor would not be affected.”

Who decides at what level a person is poor? Is it the R600 000 per annum income as with the student fees?

If so, we are paupers. You must remember, DA council, that we do not all earn R1-million or more per annum. If only.

When you have stopped the wastage, and educated the “poorest of the poor” how to turn off a tap and that nothing is free, I just may feel differently. Now please tell us how much we are allowed before any increase and as you are now in charge, stop the blame game.

You have been elected for the benefit of your constituents, stop passing the buck. We say loud and clear we cannot afford any more.

One thought on “Letter: Water lost to leaks not residents’ fault

  • December 6, 2016 at 8:17 am

    and when you see these leaks in the road, do you bother to report them Jane Slim??


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