Letter: DA bungles first 100 days in office

After the local government elections, mayor Athol Trollip outlined the DA-led coalition’s proposals for taking the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality forward and set a series of goals for the first 100 days of this coalition. These 100 days ended on November 26.

In assessing how the DA coalition’s performance over these 100 days matches up to its stated goals, marks are allocated as follows: nought for no performance, one for partial performance and two for full performance. Some elephants in the room that need to be dealt with are (quotes are from Trollip):

  • “We will deal with all section 154 interventions.” Actions taken – only the city manager has been appointed, which process now appears to be bungled. Others not presented to council. (1/2)
  • “We shall develop a new vision and governance model that will define this DA-led multi-party government . . . We will assess the existing IDP and undertake a gap analysis between this and our manifesto . . . We will develop a new IDP . . . We will devise a new budget.”Actions taken – the DA had no plan and still has no plan. The existing budget continues in use. (0)
  • “I want to change the governance and leadership model . . . from section 80 committees to an executive mayor/mayor with section 79 committees.” Actions taken – the DA adopted councillor Annette Lovemore’s proposal (in council on August 18) to entrench section 80 committees. (0)
  • “We will conduct a skills assessment and place dubious appointments with [sic] qualification compliance under the spotlight.” Action taken – nothing presented to council. (0)
  • “I have identified some glaring capacity shortfalls in some critical sub-directorates that will require immediate attention or capacitating . . . We must fill all critical service delivery vacancies relating to water and electricity.” Action taken – the only publicly acknowledged newly created employment placement is a spin doctor in the mayor’s office and chief of staff. (0)
  • “Joblessness is our biggest challenge . . . I am intending to establish an economic advisory council.” Action taken – not established. (0)
  • “I will launch a jobs clerk in the mayor’s office.” Action taken – not established. (0)
  • “Tourism is a central institution . . . we will collaborate with neighbouring councils.” Action taken – nothing presented to council. (0)
  • “A tourism advisory council will be established.” Action taken – nothing presented to council. (0)
  • “Through cutting appointments and reducing unnecessary expenditure, we will secure R100-million savings over the next 100 days.”Action taken – if “cutting appointments” means retrenching staff, nothing has happened except a few staff contracted to the previous mayor have left and been replaced. If “reducing unnecessary expenditure” means effecting savings as opposed to moving spending from one project to another, nothing near R100-million has been identified. (0)
  • “Our current collection rates are too low.” Action taken – the electricity prepayment meters of 3 600 customers were turned off because they were behind on other accounts, the municipal phones collapsed, customers could not get explanations over a weekend and remained without electricity for days. (0)
  • “Corruption is the enemy of opportunity . . . We will operationalise an anti-corruption hotline.” Action taken – done. (2)
  • “All disciplinary matters will be finalised with haste.” Action taken – all disciplinary matters have dragged on for another three months. Only two have been finalised. (1/4)
  • “We are going to resurface and reseal sections of 15 roads across the metro.” Action taken – project not complete. (1)
  • “We will roll out a comprehensive ongoing maintenance programme for the metro [for] all roads, traffic signalling devices and streetlights.” Action taken – not presented (0)
  • “We will appoint 192 EPWP workers.” Action taken – partially done. (1) “
  • The IPTS bungle . . this government aims to resolve urgently. We will release the audit report compiled by national Treasury.” Action taken – not released. (0)
  • “We will create a tamper-proof supply chain management by conducting a comprehensive forensic audit and employing the services of a quantity surveyor.” Action taken – not done. (0)
  • “We will swear in 50 metro police officers.” Action taken – 13 sworn in. (1/4)
  • “We will finalise the entire municipal organogram.” Action taken – only the mayor’s office done, balance done during mayor Danny Jordaan’s term. (0)
  • “We will roll out at least three road blocks every week.” Action taken – done. (2)

Of the 37 variables (maximum total possible 74 points), the DA-led coalition scored 12 or 16%, a dismal failure. As the ANC, we are of the view that the mayor has bungled in his first 100 days.

2 thoughts on “Letter: DA bungles first 100 days in office

  • December 6, 2016 at 8:15 am

    the ANC achieved nothing while they were running NMB, so whats your point Mr Riordan??

  • December 5, 2016 at 3:22 pm

    Rory, get a life and get rid of your ANC grudge with the DA. Lets move on and repair the damage done here in Nelson Mandela Bay over so many years. Da have done a great job in their first 100 days!!

    DA Supporter.


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