Letter: Captain subject of witch-hunt

In all fairness to Faf du Plessis and hundreds of others who play this wonderful game, this that has happened is tantamount to a witch-hunt or jealousy. In my sports-mad life of 40 years-plus, I have never heard of anything so ridiculous.

An example of note: in all Graeme Smith’s years of successful and sometimes controversial captaincy I used actually to wonder whether he was sponsored by Beechies or Chappies, as he was forever and a day chewing gum on the field. Was he ever, among other world team captains, charged with ball-tampering when he, as captain, used to lick his fingers and rub and shine the ball before throwing it to his choice of bowler for the next over?

No, he was not. So why, all of a sudden, has our current captain’s name been tarnished for what happens daily, more often than not, on cricket fields throughout the world?

Absolutely ridiculous.

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