Letter: Unfair to impose punitive tariffs again

The various articles regarding the pending implementation of punitive water tariffs and high price of electricity refer.

Why are we being subjected to additional punitive water tariffs when we already have them?

The punitive tariffs that were implemented during the previous drought are still in place.

When the rains finally came and ended the previous drought, restrictions were lifted, but not the punitive tariffs. Since then we have had increase after increase after increase upon punitive tariffs and now the metro council want to apply further punitive measures.

This is totally unfair and unjust. What happened to the additional money the municipality received from the inflated tariffs?

It certainly was not used to repair the dysfunctional water infrastructure. Perhaps if it had been used to repair leaks we would today not be hearing of 40% water losses.

Please Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, stop penalising your ratepayers to pay for your inefficiencies.

Why are we paying highly inflated prices for electricity? Can our municipality also explain why purchasing prepaid electricity from the Kouga Municipality is so much cheaper than from the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality?

I get the feeling that the residents of Port Elizabeth are being ripped off big time.

2 thoughts on “Letter: Unfair to impose punitive tariffs again

  • November 29, 2016 at 9:33 am

    I feel that the people who have done their share in conserving water and continue to do so are being unfairly treated. money is short everywhere and yet our municipality Is wanting to get more from us with the “new” water tariff they want to implement. we already pay a lot for both water and electricity and now they want more. the step up electricity tariff is a disgrace. why should we have to pay more and more. we as south AFRICANS ARE BEING BLED DRY.

  • November 28, 2016 at 1:54 pm

    When is the pipeline connecting us to the Gariep going to be finished? How many times has that money disappeared?


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