Letter: ‘Preying’ prophets

Regarding the recent “prophet” who sprays Doom insecticide on the faces of his congregants, in the name of God, the question in Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov novel springs to mind – “Did God invent man or did man invent God?”

That question is for another day, but I am concerned about congregants who worship their “prophets” instead of God, and the apparent replacement of the Christian faith’s Father, Son and Holy Spirit devotional promise with money, status and materialism worship.

These prophets, faith healers or whatever they are called seem to be baby-faced with no trace of facial hair, making the Jewish philosopher, Baruch Spinoza, sound spot-on when he says: “There has never been a credible prophet who didn’t grow a beard.”

As much as that statement sounds sexist and snobbish at best, it looks appropriate for these current faith “rock stars” who prey on the gullible and pliable congregants. Eish!

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