Letter: Lungisa never ceases to amaze

I refer to the SAfm news report of November 17 and Andile Lungisa’s comments regarding the Save South Africa campaign.

Lungisa never ceases to amaze me. He opines that Sipho Pityana has no “struggle credentials”; he joined the struggle in 1986. My questions to Lungisa: ý When was he supposed to join to have “struggle credentials”?

  • Does he even know what “struggle credentials” mean?
  • So only “struggle credential” ANC members are supposed to comment on what is going wrong with the ruling party?
  • He says Pityana doesn’t have a “clear record”. What is he talking about?
  • What happened to his fraud case regarding R Kelly? He still has allegations of assaulting a DA member in the NMB municipal chambers to face.

As a so-called “struggle credential” politician, he should respect other people’s views. It’s called freedom of speech.

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