Letter: Get on with parliament move

I must admit that I used to be bitterly against the laager mentality of Gautengers, who believe that Africa revolves around their money capital of Africa hub and hence demand that the South African national parliament must relocate from Cape Town to their province of cash, status and crass materialism that is Gauteng.

However, I have seen the light as it is going to be cost-effective in the long run for taxpayers when the travelling costs, accommodation, psychological and emotional wellbeing, etc of parliamentarians are taken into account.

Since Cape Town is not short of free thinkers, so the parliament building and precinct would be put to good use after it is sold or rented out.

My humble suggestion would be the establishment of South Africa’s second stock exchange, namely the Nasdaq Africa franchise, and/or headquarters of Allianz Africa, Santander Africa, Telcel Africa or film studio headquarters, a private library, etc.

The sooner the status-conscious, shallow and fickle are all concentrated in one place, the better for the rest of us who have the ideas, faith and passion to add value to this country and populace, and to make it prosperous.

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