Letter: Thanks and praise for Livingstone Hospital treatment

In the early hours of October 19, my husband Hylary Smith had a heart attack. I phoned the emergency number for an ambulance and explained that he would have to go to Livingstone Hospital as we did not have medical aid.

The paramedics arrived very quickly and stabilised him in the ambulance, where he experienced his second heart attack of the evening. The paramedics were very professional and compassionate to him and to us and got him to the hospital quickly.

The casualty department, doctors, sisters and nurses were highly trained and even though at that time it could go either way, as he had another heart attack while they were treating him, we were reassured that he would get the best treatment. They realised he was hard of hearing and made sure he heard them to ensure communication always. On October 20, I received a phone call to say he had been transferred to ward 5A, where to our surprise he was placed in a three-bed ward and monitored 24/7. Once again the staff, sisters, nurses, doctors and everyone else were highly professional and compassionate towards not only my husband but also our family. They were kind and understanding when my daughter phoned from Perth, Australia, and managed to reassure her that her Dad was doing well and would give him a hug from her which they did.

After hearing so many horror stories about Livingstone Hospital I found that they were as good or better than most private hospitals. The wards are spotless as are the passages and everywhere else. The food was good and the bedding clean.

Thank you, to the paramedics, casualty department, high care and, most of all, Ward 5A for saving this precious man’s life and nursing him back to health. We will forever be grateful to you all.

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