Letter: DA doesn’t need advice from ANC

I would like to correct the author of the letter “Shameful conduct from councillors”, November 1) on some of the statements he made. As a councillor of this metro and as someone who witnessed first-hand the events that unfolded in council on October 27, I would like to clarify the following points.

“In fact, in my view, we have made very little progress over the last few months due to lack of tolerance and respect for a different view.”

This statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Having sat in various council meetings after the municipal elections, I can assure you that every point of view has been listened to and absorbed, to such an extent that the meeting went an hour or two over its intended time frame. The speaker, Jonathan Lawack, is a fair person and has often entertained outbursts by the ANC that usually would not have been tolerated before. The previous speaker would not even allow DA councillors to speak on some agenda items, even on a point of order or clarity.

“Based on media reports and comments from political parties relating to the shameful conduct of some councilors, to start blaming each other only aggravates the intolerance and shows inexperience in dealing with these matters.”

I am quite dumbstruck at this statement. Do you expect us to accept the behaviour shown by the ANC and say or do nothing when water jugs and glasses were flung at full speed at someone’s head? How could we have dealt with it in any other way than to condemn it and lay charges against the people in question? How can we as the DA be tolerant of people who break the law?

“In my book, not a single party alone is to be blamed.”

With all due respect, you weren’t in the council chambers, you didn’t witness first-hand what transpired. There is video footage that will eventually surface and you will see without a shadow of a doubt that one party is to blame, and that is the ANC – from singing the struggle song, We will beat you, to eventually throwing jugs and glassware around the council chamber. All of this happening while the DA and other political parties seek shelter from the tantrum the ANC threw.

“Some councillors require training and counselling to correct poor people management.”

I honestly laughed at this statement. As a councillor, you HAVE to be a people’s person. If you still need to be counselled and trained, then you clearly don’t belong in this field. You are there to serve the people of the metro, not to get training on how to stroke your ego now that you are a councillor. “The DA does not know how to rule” and “The DA can teach the ANC how to be an effective opposition party and the ANC can teach the DA how to rule.”

The DA DOES know how to govern, and where it governs it governs well. This is a fact. All you need to do is look at statistics. Nine out of the 10 best municipalities are run by the DA – the

It’s also not the job of the DA to teach the ANC anything. The role of the DA is to deliver better services to the people. I can also assure you the DA doesn’t need any advice from the ANC on how to govern – look at the state of the metro up until the municipal election to understand why.

The author should consider that some people within the ANC don’t want this DA coalition-led municipality to work. They are there to oppose everything for the sake of opposing it.

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