Letter: Thanks to NMMU stakeholders

To our valued stakeholders. The past six weeks have been an extremely difficult and trying period for students, staff and management of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University as we tirelessly tried to tackle a myriad of national and institution-specific issues brought to the fore by the

#FeesMustFall movement. The last two weeks, in particular, have been rather painful and traumatic for all, with violent clashes between protesting students and members of the South African Police Service having played out on our campuses as a result of the protests.

The disruptions and consequent clashes between student groups and the police, the despicable incident of rape of two students and the destruction of property go against everything the university stands for.

We engaged other stakeholders as part of our continued efforts to arrive at an amicable resolution. Unfortunately, the engagement through mediation did not produce the desired outcome.

We are heartened by the outpouring of support, encouragement and outright goodwill from various stakeholders. Your support goes a long way in helping NMMU make up for lost time and effectively finish the 2016 academic year. For that, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude. In particular, we wish to thank the following: ý All tiers of government; ý Members of the clergy and senior advocates who facilitated a delicate court-ordered mediation process;

  • Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber and its members and affiliates for their generosity in availing resources and infrastructure to support the university and its students;
  • Parents and guardians for their encouragement and understanding; and
  • Members of the media for the objective coverage of events and information to society.

Finally, we extend our immense gratitude to our staff and students for remaining patient and demonstrating resilience during this trying period.

Your continued support makes the seemingly insuperable task of regaining momentum in our growth trajectory while consolidating our gains achievable.

Thank you. Dankie. Nangamso.

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