Letter: Shameful conduct from councillors

Bloody brawl in council meeting

The councillors who were party to the violence at the council meeting last week brought the name of the Friendly City into disrepute – shame on you. I condemn the violence.

While reconciliation and tolerance alone is not going to take the city forward, I am convinced that the current tensions in council are taking us backwards – one step forward, two steps back.

In fact, in my view, we have made very little progress over the last few months due to lack of tolerance and respect for a different view.

Based on media reports and comments from political parties relating to the shameful conduct of some councillors, to start blaming each other only aggravates the intolerance and shows inexperience in dealing with these matters.

I am not interested in who is to blame – the law must take its course. People living in glass houses should not throw glasses.

In my book, not a single party alone is to be blamed. We listen to the excuses and judge for ourselves – why should I believe one party’s story? So I suggest that leaders rather look for solutions. In sport, the person who sometimes gets the red card did not necessarily start the fight.

Among the many possible reasons for this shameful conduct, I prefer to highlight one which can be corrected with exposure and training, namely the lack of experience in managing council affairs.

Some councillors require training and counselling to correct poor people management, wrong conduct and ill-discipline. Sorry to say, but the inexperience of leaders from all sides is clear to see.

The DA does not know how to rule and the ANC must learn to be an effective opposition.

The easier role in my book is that of opposition – just complain and do nothing constructive every day. When you rule, stop complaining and making a noise, just govern.

The DA can teach the ANC how to be an effective opposition and the ANC can teach the DA how to rule. I suggest some of the former mayors offer assistance from across the political spectrum on how to manage the affairs of citizens.

There is a day/night difference between managing a municipality and managing a business, university, NGO, farm etc. While the principles of management are the same, different skills are required to run a municipality.

I do not approve of the manner in which the city is being managed in general. If a meeting cannot be properly managed, how can the electorate have confidence that the city will be governed effectively?

Councillors are elected, not appointed – therefore, they need to behave like people who can be voted out.

Say you are sorry to the electorate, walk away from your old despicable ways and learn to be respectful to each other, despite opposing views, and get some counselling should the anger and frustration persist – and not only one party manifested this in their conduct. Body language, the manner you speak, to name but a few, gives your “game” away.

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