Letter: Leave it to the professionals

Re “Stadium ball kicked into MBDA’s court” (The Herald, October 27.) It was indeed with dismay that I read of the decision taken by the mayoral committee of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropole to hand over the running of the city’s R2-billion stadium to amateurs like the MBDA.

They may be the development arm of the city, but according to their head honcho, Pierre Voges, they lack stadium or sports management experience and expertise, which are the requisites to run a multibillion-rand business like this stadium.

It is therefore my considered view that this is a bad decision on the part of the mayoral committee for the following reasons:

ý Access Management, without a shadow of a doubt, had done a magnificent job in running this stadium;

ý Green Point Stadium in Cape Town and Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban are white elephants, though they are run by the respective metros.

It is understandable to cut costs and bring everything indoors, but it doesn’t make sense when there are no capable personnel to run such business, as per Voges’s admission.

I bet my last cent that very soon this stadium will be an embarrassment to this city.

There is a sport belief that you don’t change a winning team. This metro has just done that by terminating the contract of Access Management.

I have nothing to do with Access, but let the truth be known, that they have done very well to make this city a sports destination as far as international sport is concerned.

We just hope that common sense will prevail and let professional entities, rather than rank amateurs, run such lucrative businesses as this stadium, named after one of the greatest sons of Africa this sun has ever seen, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

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