Editorial: How mad is the Hlaudi hatter?

According to the inverse logic of Hlaudi Motsoeneng, the more money he loses for the South African Broadcasting Corporation, the better it reflects on him. So by emptying the coffers, goes his theorem, he is simply redistributing the proceeds of our licence fees, advertising revenue and broadcasting rights into the development of small and medium enterprises.

Never mind the piffling matter of plunging the organisation into the red by R411-million. His (latest) job, apparently, is to dish out the loaves and fishes.

“SABC is not a profit company,” followed the now familiar refrain from Motsoeneng, who clearly saw himself as the headline act during an address at a talent search competition in East London on Monday.

“Ours is to sustain businesses, pay our workers, pay service providers and if we see you are a black person, [and] you don’t have money to start your business, we give you money.”

So, in actual fact, Motsoeneng sees the SABC as a financial services company, in the business of lending money to start-up businesses based on ethnic criteria.

Who knows if there are even repayment terms?

If we are to indulge Motsoeneng’s brand of dialectics, doesn’t it stand to reason that an even bigger loss for the SABC would increase his self-estimation and perceived value? Why not just lose more?

Perhaps we are now getting closer to the truth of those obscene salary hikes and bonuses that seem to land in his lap despite outlandish incompetence.

Of course the SABC is dysfunctional. And Motsoeneng, as we know, makes up rules as he goes along. He bends the laws of the universe to his own fanciful arc.

Further utterances, however, that he simply handpicks employees warrant investigation, no matter how mad the hatter. Motsoeneng continues to demonstrate his disdain for processes. Like the delusions, it is wearing thin.

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