Letter: Things are getting out of control

Gwede Mantashe, addressing a meeting reflecting on this year’s local government elections, asked for help, saying: “When you invite us, don’t tell us what we want to hear. Give us honest feedback; we don’t want praise singers because praise singers accompany you to a river full of crocodiles. Tell us to change direction because there are crocodiles there.”

Well, for starters, we have told you over and over to get rid of Zuma. What value has he or is he adding to the ANC or the country? None!

The corruption is beginning to implode – the SABC is first, with SAA and others following shortly.

The varsity situation is critical and getting out of control, Blade Nzimande putting the ball squarely into the hands of the universities, leaving them to cope with protesting and unlawful students.

What about the majority of students wanting to go back and complete the year? I am quite sure the protesters (those who are genuine students and not just hangers-on) know that in all probability they will not be able to pass at the end of the year, so why not bring the whole system down.

Where is the leadership from Zuma – is he hiding in his bunker at Nkandla? Now we know why it was needed.

Even Derick Galloway (no relative) appears to be singing from a new hymn sheet, by the tone of his last letter to The Herald.

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