Letter: Where is the vice-chancellor?

Well, we all know that the vice-chancellor is on leave – maybe climbing another mountain? Dr [Derrick] Swartz, do you know that your university is on the brink of closing down? Surely, if you are committed to the university and your executive position as the vice-chancellor, you should cancel your leave and be present and visible? Instead, the acting vice-chancellor [Dr Sibongile Muthwa] has to deal with the crisis.

Everyone in top management seems to be afraid of making decisions, and who can blame them, when the rector does not really seem concerned? They have finished with their degrees, they earn a salary, regardless of whether the academic year is cancelled, and they definitely do not want to be seen as making decisions that might put their careers at risk.

The university is therefore left without any strong and capable management to control this current crisis. Various university vice-chancellors have been seen front and centre. These universities have now resumed the academic year. The only comment from NMMU acting vice-chancellor and management is that they are doing their “best efforts” to restore the situation. As one student rightly asked, what are these efforts?

Instead, the poor students (those who are serious about their future) are waiting anxiously in front of their computers on communication from the university to let them know that the academic year will resume and they will be able to write exams, not wasting a year of their lives.

How, madam acting vice-chancellor, can you allow this situation to go on? The vice-chancellor and you are the heads of the university, earning very good salaries, no doubt. So, please do your jobs and do not be afraid of a few hundred young malcontents.

Follow the lead of obviously stronger top management of other universities, who had much more serious protests, and OPEN THE NMMU.

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  • October 7, 2016 at 9:52 am

    Yes, and make no mistake, the university pays for the mountain climbing expeditions.


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