Letter: Leave our girls and women alone

Rape and assault of NMMU student

The Democratic Alliance Women’s Network (Dawn) is very sad to hear of the tragic rape and assault of an NMMU student (The Herald, October 3).

We support freedom, fairness and opportunity for all and uphold the preamble and the Bill of Rights in our national constitution.

Dawn calls on President Zuma and his cabinet to make women’s rights real, to translate paper promises into rights that build a safe country in which all women can walk the streets fearlessly and in safety.

We have had enough! Empty promises have delivered the onein-three rape statistic that makes our country the global rape capital.

For the sake of women like Alison, Avril Gordon and the poor NMMU student who was raped and left for dead after being beaten with an iron rod, let’s unite against gender violence and change the dirty culture that treats our women with such disrespect.

The Suffragettes chained themselves to the railings outside the Houses of Parliament and a united group of South African women marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria in solidarity against the extension of the pass laws to black South African women. History has vindicated their actions.

We are duty bound to follow their example. Dawn, therefore, appeals to all readers of The Herald to say enough is enough!

The time has come for South African women to copy their principled stance and stand united against all forms of patriarchy, chauvinism and gender violence. Leave our girl children and women alone and concentrate on positive change and gender justice.

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