Letter: Recognise old graveyard

It is possibly well-known that Richmond Park in Richmond Hill (pictured) is the graveyard of the Mfengu people who came to the area in the early days to work and help build the fledgling Port Elizabeth. The park is well-kept, generally due to the efforts of the Richmond Hill SRA workers.

What has never been done though is to give recognition to the fact that the park (and a portion of the adjoining vacant land) is a graveyard.

Perhaps even a small memorial could be erected to note this.

The Mandela Bay Development Agency spent thousands on paving pavements where no sane person would walk for fear of their lives and is spending millions on restoring the Campanile (a memorial to the 1820 Settlers).

Surely the agency, together with the Richmond Hill SRA, could find some monies to observe the role that the Mfengu people played?

One thought on “Letter: Recognise old graveyard

  • October 4, 2016 at 1:44 pm

    I agree. Port Elizabeth has such an interesting and diverse history. So much more can be done around our city to highlight the history behind our parks, buildings, bridges, roads and suburbs. We live and work here and pass these places each day without knowing the rich stories behind them. Our city exists because of all those who came before. Lets recognise that, and not reduce it to a footnote in some museum or book. Lets see our history be made alive throughout the city so that we can all appreciate this beautiful place we call home.


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