Letter: Leadership vacuum as ANC implodes

HOT TOPIC: SA and ruling party in meltdown

SANS leadership, sans morality, sans vision, the once-respected ANC is in the process of self-destructing and, if we are not careful, they will in the process, destroy our beloved South Africa as well!

The internecine battles rage from municipal wards where the ANC electorate are rejecting councillors foisted upon them by the party, right to the very top echelons, as more and more senior ANC members are openly demeaning and calling for our president to step down.

Anglo Gold chairman and longstanding ANC veteran Sipho Pityana speaking recently at the late Makhenkesi Stofile’s funeral openly said, “For no lesser person than our president of our country takes every opportunity to show nothing but disdain and contempt for our constitution!”

What an incredibly disgusting and distasteful showcase for the world our parliament has become. Every South African must cringe with embarrassment when our president is openly called a criminal to his face. While orator after orator denounces and ridicules him, despite the lame attempts of the speaker to protect and bring some order to a chaotic parliament, Jacob Zuma sits with slumped shoulders – a parody of confidence. ”I will not come here again to be abused …” he pathetically mumbles, or words to that effect!

The ANC rot has finally surfaced. Corruption and nepotism is exposed in just about every area of ANC influence. Nkandla, Marikana, Hawks, Eskom, SAA, SABC – the list is endless. And now even our National Prosecuting Authority deputy head, Nomgcobo Jiba, and a colleague from the NPA‚ Lawrence Mrwebi, are disbarred.

The second-in-charge of SARS, Jonas Makwakwa, is suspended for suspected fraud.

The ANC, to its credit, recently criticised the shocking charade of the SABC’s blatant disregard of a court ruling on the appointment of chief operating officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng.

Students, countrywide, are in uproar over fees – their protests spiralling out of control as buildings are burnt, teargas, rubber bullets – total mayhem.

Our quota sports teams are fast joining the ranks of our mediocre Bafana Bafana as second-rate teams in the world arena, no longer the feared opponents of the past!

All of this in the space of a few months – for heaven’s sake, what can one expect next?

And where is our illustrious president to be found during these critical times? Giggling away “while Rome burns”, he hides behind overseas conferences and the wildlife seminar in Durban – seemingly oblivious of a country in total chaos and providing no leadership whatsoever.

If ever our country needed firm leadership, it is now. However, the frightening reality is that there is no man, or woman for that matter, in the ANC ranks who could ever hope to provide the leadership this country so desperately needs.

Our Deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa, has shown no attempt to distance himself from the president and his henchmen, and his silence must be construed as supportive of Zuma and his nefarious actions – this from a man who was part of the drafting of our constitution. His silence is deafening! He certainly does not have the charisma or the backbone to provide the leadership qualities so desperately needed now.

We need strong leadership to quash the student revolt in its tracks – very firmly and prosecuting the ring leaders of violent protest, also expelling them from any further university studies.

This is not to say that the students do not have a valid reason for complaint, but their grievances should be peacefully demonstrated and not at the expense of the majority of students who want to continue with their studies.

It can be argued that those students who are unable to complete their studies for this year have a legal right to demand compensation from the state – after all, it is their democratic right to attend classes without intimidation.

“Cometh the hour cometh the man [woman]” – hopefully. All we can do is pray and remain positive. Nelson Mandela said: “Real leaders must be ready to sacrifice all for the freedom of their people.”

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