Letter: All parties must work to fight poverty

Julius Malema claims that he was responsible for Jacob Zuma becoming president. With the establishment of the EFF Malema has also made it quite clear that his intention is to become the next president.

The EFF is playing a major role in the “Zuma must go” campaign. It is also allegedly playing a leading role in activities, such as vandalism and civil unrest, aimed at making South Africa ungovernable.

The EFF is gaining considerable support by proposing that the poor should be given free public services such as education and electricity. Malema proposes radical measures such the nationalisation of the gold mines and land invasion, to provide the poor with a greater percentage of the country’s wealth.

Almost half of South Africans are living below the absolute poverty datum level. Also a large proportion of the population has inadequate housing and/or a poor level of health, education and other government services.

The problems of the poor are therefore so serious that they can only be dealt with if all the politicians cooperate in the formulation and implementation of a workable policy to deal with them.

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