Letter: Crack down on city drug dens

The sad story of Bonita Dean, who died from krokodil poisoning (“Tragic end for krokodil addict”, September 21), is exactly the reason why some countries apply the death penalty to drug smugglers. In our country today there are many liberties to correct injustices of the past, including a judicial code with not very sharp teeth.

On the same page reporting the horrific implications of the krokodil case is the finale report on now broken, old man Bob Hewitt at 76 entering prison to serve his term, punctuated by a warning message from WMACA – “fear all ye who tread here”, justice well served (“Hewitt sneaked into prison to start six-year jail term”). Keep in mind Hewitt’s victims survived to live another day.

With respect to Miranda Friedman and WMACA, your work is lauded and absolutely essential, but acknowledge that Hewitt was an easy target – fixed address, income tax number, VAT number, etc. What about the scumbag who murdered Bonita and made thousands from prostituting her – no name, no fixed address, living in a dark underworld where her desperate mother could not even find her.

Now destroying other victims, if they ever caught him he might get a rap on the knuckles and be back to his dirty work. Where is the parity in this judicial system?

Perhaps this should be the first assignment for the newly formed metro police force. If they are to achieve anything of value, get cracking on the drug dens.

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