Letter: Thank you for visit to ill father

I write this letter to publicly thank our mayor, Athol Trollip, for showing exceptional character and compassion for my father, Hans Kuhn. My father is seriously ill, bedridden with cancer and a huge aortic aneurysm, among other complications.

My father informed me that he would like to talk to our mayor, Mr Trollip. Like me, Trollip did not regard this request irrelevant and he agreed to see my father at his private residence.

I want to express many thanks from my whole family to Trollip as we know that he is very busy.

Trollip found some time to come to my father, though we are very well aware that there are many sick people in this metro.

I did not at all think that he would go the extra mile to visit my father by accepting the request. Trollip saw my father and spoke to him, showing much more humanity than some so-called professionals (doctors).

Trollip has all the qualities a true leader has to possess. We wish him all the greatest success with all the challenges he faces in doing the good and right things he plans for everyone in this metro.

Mr Trollip, we thank you. Your true leadership and compassion has been felt by our family.

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