Letter: Parents, be involved in education

The article, “Call for cultural training for teachers” (September 2), states that Bishop Allan Kannemeyer’s view is that apartheid needs to be dismantled with care. My view is that it’s more of a cultural shock for parents when their children attend multiracial schools.

After 22 years are we still blaming apartheid for ill-disciplined pupils, whose parents were not even born in those apartheid years? They do not know about double-decker buses where so-called whites sat at the bottom and so-called blacks on the top deck, disabled or not.

My parents saw it fit that I attended school each day, and obeyed the school and tertiary rules until a degree was conferred on me. My father’s motto was “first become a teacher, then you can do anything else”.

I was born in the ‘50s and teachers in those apartheid years were respected. We called a teacher “Meester ”in Afrikaans and his wife, whether she was a teacher or not, was called “Juffrou”.

Our problem nowadays is that children bear children, resulting in disobedient parents, parents who have no clue how to raise their children and instead of them disciplining the kids, the kids discipline them. The schools become day care centres for these pupils.

The parents are furious when schools are closed because teachers are obliged to look after their kids. Teachers must teach them norms and values.

The writer states that teachers need special training to handle multiracial schools. How can a pastor see human beings so differently?

I think this is just a ploy to make money that will cost the Education Department thousands.

The differences at schools are seen when parents have a commitment to see that their kids get quality education. At government schools parent consultation evenings are attended by 10% of parents and at the former Model C schools 95% of parents pitch up for parent consultation evenings.

Parents should be part of their kids’ progress in school daily. At government schools the teacher is the pastor, nurse, social worker plus other roles, including teaching.

Some parents and pupils want free education and slack discipline, and if they don’t get it, what do they do? Burn the schools, so where must they get this free education? It costs millions to rebuild a school. These pupils who do not want to obey school rules sometimes reach university level and what happens there? University buildings are burnt down, but yet we want free education and no discipline.

Our government schools are set on fire and burgled daily, but how many former Model C school are set on fire? None. Where there is order there is progress.

Our parents need to wake up and take responsibility for their children’s actions. Teach them values and norms, and teach them to respect elders, teachers and others’ property.

Today some of our matriculants find it difficult to read and write. What are these parents of unruly pupils doing to ensure they receive the best education?

Parents, just look at our government. If you do not have formal education you will find it difficult to lead.

So please let us all drive education to obtain the best results for our kids by obeying school rules, attending parent nights and being actively involved in our children’s education. Let the pastors rather focus on the parents because the teachers are well educated to teach.

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