LETTER: Replacing one man and leaving his lieutenants not the answer

As we observe so many people, ranging from ANC stalwarts to certain members and even ordinary people on the street, calling for the resignation of President Jacob Zuma and a nearly elective conference, to me it won’t help.

An early elective conference instead will deepen divisions within the ANC because even those calling for an early elective conference are already attaching names such as those of the so-called “premier league”.

My sober call as a ANC member and a leader in my space, is for a national consultative conference, the same as the one called in 1985at Kabwe.

In the consultative conference we need to remind ourselves of the importance of being an ANC member and eventually a leader.

We need to ensure those who are corrupt or facing corruption cases, even if not yet found guilty, are relieved of their duties.

The neglect of cadre policy is at the centre of most of the current weaknesses and challenges faced by our movement.

Our revolution will succeed if the ANC continuously produces a contingent of cadres who are competent, committed, disciplined and conscientious.

At this consultative conference we need to re-develop a guiding document and rules to end factionalism, gatekeeping and character assassination.

It must also act against those facing corruption, including those failing to uphold the highest supreme law of the republic (theconstitution) as announced by the Concourt.

At this consultative conference delegates should be frank to eachother but not point fingers – instead bring alternative measures to the table.

An early elective conference will definitely not bring back the lost unity of this organisation, instead it will leave more victims.

The people who must preside over the consultative conference must be our veterans such as Dennis Goldberg, Sophie de Bruyn, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, Thabo Mbeki, Frene Ginwalaand Joel Netshitendzhe, and not the current NEC.

We need also to invite other former liberation movement leaders from other countries such as Kenneth Kaunda.

Our organisation is no longer in ICU but to point fingers won’t help.

Removing an individual and leaving a lot of his lieutenants won’t help this organisation to heal.

Arrogance and a state of denial must be foreign to it.

Let’s swallow our pride and rebuild this organisation.

Thanks to stalwarts such as Sipho Pityana, but we need more like him.

It’s a time to join us and be part of a solution and a way forward. Thieves, thuggery and opportunism must never been entertained.- Viwe Sidali, ANC member, Duncan Village, East London

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