Letter: What a statement from the people!

Our people spoke in the August 3 municipal elections. What a statement they have made, the best choice.

History was made and the ANC tyranny crushed to its lowest depths. The apartheid story did not persuade many citizens, mostly our African brothers and sisters, to listen to their lies.

We are living in a democracy and the past needs to be buried. We cannot dwell on apartheid forever.

It was painful, but God healed our beautiful country, South Africa, many years ago. The ANC keeps on pulling the darkness out to instil fear in the hearts of our community.

The Nelson Mandela Bay metropole is governed under a DA coalition government and I am proud of how our political parties work together for the common benefit of all of us, the citizens of South Africa. At last we will see an end to a corrupt ANC government, blocked in Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Tshwane, Johannesburg, Oudtshoorn and KwaZulu-Natal (there under Inkatha Freedom Party coalition councils).

A new era has been ushered in and our prayers answered, as we defied witchcraft, sangomas and traditional healers. I hope soon we will be rid of Jacob Zuma, the most corrupt South African leader ever, he is a disgrace to society and he will give an account to God one day.

The ANC has cursed our country with its demonic practices, but the church of God has struck with the right hand of Jesus against it.

All metros will prosper and be developed now, schools, housing and medical facilities bettered, as we have voted accountable leaders into office in our cities. Jobs will be created and not lost, as was the practice, gangsterism challenged, drug houses closed and crime levels dropped.

The world will look at South Africa with different eyes now, the rand will strengthen as investment will be encouraged in our economy.

I am positive, as we had hoped, that changes will come. The ANC and EFF nightmare story has ended.

The ANC and EFF cannot govern, they do not have leaders to do so and the capacity. Self-enrichment is their main goal in office, it has created a bad legacy for them.

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