Letter: Bay now city full of hope, opportunity

This is the opportunity we’ve been waiting for. A chance to show what real local governance should look like. An opportunity to show that the DA is honourable, hard working, a party for ALL people – and well-organised.

The streets will be cleaner, people will be safer, wages will be paid on time and in full, and the world will sit up and take notice that we’re a great place to holiday, to invest, and to live in safety.

Yes! It’s possible to turn this city into a world class player. We need to get stuck in and make only those changes which are necessary. All people must be included in our running of the city. It mustn’t matter which party people belong to; if people are best suited for the jobs they must be given the opportunity to do them.

It’s an opportunity for service, but not for gloating. Success is what we want, not victory talk. Let’s show the nation that when DA governs, things run smoothly.

People have shown confidence in us. Let’s not betray them. Let’s take this trust which the people have given us, and work for them in efficiency and humility.

Governance is not party politics, it’s the caring for all. Let’s show that honour has returned to Nelson Mandela Bay.

Celebration is great, but what is needed now in NMB is honest hard work. There’s a lot to catch up on.

Thank you for voting DA. Thank you for agreeing to cooperative coalition.

Thank you that you agree to morals and ethics and responsibility. Now it’s up to us who voted to work together to make this a city to be proud of.

We didn’t vote for power, we voted for opportunity. An opportunity to show what clean efficient governance looks like. An opportunity to lift the poor out of poverty, to give more jobs, to attract more industry for the benefit of all. We’re now a city of hope. At the end of our governance term, we must show that we’re a city of success.

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