Letter: Van Niekerk restores our pride as a nation

Wayde van Niekerk restored our pride as a nation when he broke the long-standing, 17-year-old record of Michael Johnson and I want to salute him for this glorious achievement. As we speak now, Van Niekerk is a global star and global property, and he is well respected throughout the world.

What a humble athlete we have in our country.

He broke the world record with 43.03 seconds to claim victory and achieve a gold medal at a very tender age of 24. He still has more to deliver as he has great potential and talent to defend his title for more years to come.

I was very thrilled to see him being congratulated by Usain Bolt, who dominated his 100m. Van Niekerk did us proud for the whole African continent.

I can’t wait for him to be in South Africa so that we can roll out the red carpet for him. He deserves warm words of gratitude.

I am hoping that all the youth of this country will want to be like Van Niekerk and he will also become the role model for the youth.

Well done, Wayde, and we are very, very proud of you as you have shown the whole world what South African athletes can do given the opportunity. You are the shining example to the youth of this country, especially the disadvantaged individuals coming from poor backgrounds.

Viva Wayde.

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