Letter: Not all SA politicians self-serving

Refusal to vote in elections

Dear Thulani Kula,

Regarding your letter, “Why I won’t vote for politicians” printed in Friday’s paper, I would like to challenge you on your statements.

First, in your opening paragraph you state that you hate politics and that you hate politicians. That is a very negative outlook to have as you assume all politics and politicians are the same, which isn’t accurate and certainly isn’t appreciated.

Most politicians do what they do to improve the lives of ordinary South Africans. Yes, there are self-serving ones, but they are caught out sooner rather than later and dealt with.

Second, you state that most political parties ignore the middle class. This once again is an assumption that is based on nothing but your opinion and not even remotely close to the truth.

Political parties serve all South Africans, and do this through the three spheres of national, provincial and local government. By delivering services and creating an environment where businesses can thrive the government assists the middle class to grow and thrive.

There are many other examples I can cite, but unfortunately I want to keep this letter as short as possible.

Third, your simple disregard for the ills of the past along with the millions of people who still suffer in dire conditions to this day is appalling. The legacy of apartheid is something that has shaped who and what we are as a country, and to provide a better future for all it’s of critical importance that we uplift those affected by it.

It’s only once we do this that we can grow as a nation.

Ignoring these individuals and failing to assist them will only grow this welfare state you speak of.

Last, you accuse the opposition parties of doing nothing to fight the governing party in parliament. How can you make this statement after the Nkandla ruling as well as the case regarding corruption charges against Jacob Zuma being overturned?

You don’t seem to understand that the ANC has a majority vote in parliament and therefore it can pass what it wants when it wants because it has more seats in parliament. The only real power the opposition has is to take it to court and the opposition does this more often than not.

I could cite many more examples of how your logic is flawed in this instance, but I will end this letter off by saying you might hate me for being a politician and for being involved in politics, but I will still fight for your rights each and every day, and try to provide the best life for you and your children in South Africa, even if you hate me, and my colleagues, for it.

If you want to meet, I am more than happy to buy you lunch and explain myself more.

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