Letter: ANC now needs to acknowledge its successes and failures

The local government elections have arrived and gone with many surprises. I watched in disbelief as the DA was dethroning the ANC in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality and Kouga Municipality.

As I was still recovering from the big shock of my life, Tshwane Municipality was next to follow.

Nelson Mandela Bay used to be a darling town of the ANC and in the 1980s during the struggle comrades used to say when Port Elizabeth sneezed, the entire country caught the flu.

Many people are saying that the ANC of today is not the same ANC that was led by the late Madiba and O R Tambo. The big questions still stands: what went wrong and what caused the ANC’s demise in these big cities?

The writing was on the wall for the ANC and signs were also there, but the party decided to ignore everything and continue with its programmes. The ANC needs to stand in front of the mirror and look at itself very carefully.

In my analysis, if a soccer team keeps on losing, the owner takes aim at the head coach and his players. They are responsible for their team’s dismal performance.

In this case the ANC needs a new head and players so that it can develop a new winning formula. People still love the ANC and have a lot of respect for it, and in my opinion people were driven by their emotions to vote for another party or others not to vote.

If the party could listen to its constituency, everything will be fine. I had a look at our neighbouring countries and found most of the parties that freed them from their colonial masters are no longer in power because of corruption by the government officials, liberalism and tribalism in the party, non-service delivery and nepotism.

On the other side of a coin we should give the ANC credit for putting up beautiful infrastructure for the state, building houses for the poor, giving grants to children and the aged, providing free education at primary level and free primary healthcare. In future the ANC should tell people that democracy is not manna from heaven, they should work very hard for it to work.

The ANC needs to go back to the drawing board and do an introspection, so that it can acknowledge its successes and failures or else with the next election it will lose power.

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