Letter: Have your day in court or resign, JZ

Finding on dropping of charges

Once again, our president and his advisers have been found wanting as far as the knowledge of the law is concerned, for how many times now? The High Court in Pretoria on Friday confirmed the high court finding of April 29 that the dropping of criminal charges against the president by Advocate Mokotedi Mpshe was irrational.

It is indeed sad that the top man in the country does not know the law. It is sadder that the top man in the country does not respect the law.

It is flabbergasting that the top man in the country is not an example to all. It is flummoxing that the ruling party of the country, that is supposed to uphold the law and constitution and advise the president, blindly nods to whatever the president is doing, even if it means the destruction of the country and slowly damaging the reputation of the party.

I am not a law man, but have passed a few law courses. The case of President Jacob Zuma is as clear as a crystal, even a layman like myself easily understands it.

The simple principle of the law is clear that if there was any interference in Zuma’s case, then the court is the only institution that can determine the validity of the claim or interference, not the NPA. Why is this so difficult?

How many millions of taxpayers’ money must be wasted until Zuma goes to court and understands this principle? What I see is the actions by Zuma’s lawyers are like the false sangomas.

Although the false sangomas do not know what their clients are suffering from, they won’t say they do not know. They will milk those clients of money, not healing them until the client is bankrupt.

Zuma’s lawyers’ cases are easily dismissed as if they were prepared by novices. Zuma, after the Concourt ruling about Nkandla, cried foul that he received wrong advice.

But funnily enough, still now he continues to receive and pay a fortune for wrong advice. As the number one citizen of the country, is it not time that he also takes the responsibility of himself and his office, and considers the implications of his ignorance, psychologically, emotionally, politically and economically?

Why is he acting like a robot, allowing himself to be manipulated by remote control, by lawyers, cabinet ministers and his “friends”? Where are his morals?

Why can’t he learn from sophisticated leaders in Europe and other first world countries? When the leaders discover they have rubbed against the law, they resign.

The good example is prime minister David Cameron, of Britain, who on Friday, after he failed to get a yes vote from Britons to stay in the EU, resigned. Mind you, this is not about his personal indictment as it is for Zuma.

This shows the moral high ground that Cameron has, not Zuma. Zuma is prepared to see parliament deteriorate into a place like a shebeen, and polarise his party, the clergy, the people and the whole country.

I think we are in a banana republic, where the rule of law is undermined, unfortunately by those who are supposed to know better. The case of Zuma has been going on for years, every time running away from the courts.

What is the difference between Zuma and a criminal who steals from a local shop and runs way from police and prosecution? How long should the country be polarised?

Please President, show integrity, show statesmanship and save our country from this unstable rot we are in. As long as you are suspected in this case, people will never trust you.

Have your day in court and clear your precious name.

Our deputy president, Cyril Ramaphosa, was a champion of our constitution, involved in the negotiations. Why is he silent while his leader is going astray?

Is he also following blindly or is he protecting his position? People were hopeful when he was appointed deputy president, thinking that he would bring sense to the Presidency.

People thought that since he was not “hungry”, he would be objective and upright in his deputising. But it does not seem like that. God save our country.

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